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We are excited to roll out a new campaign that will focus exclusively on preventative care. This means that we are no longer only focusing on your health when you are sitting in our office. Your health is our concern before and after your visit. By focusing on preventative care, we are focusing on your overall well-being and assuring that you are always at your healthiest.

Please spend some time reviewing each of the products that we endorse for preventative care purposes. All of the products are backed by science, and research has proven their effectiveness. The products are all-natural, and these are the absolute best products on the market for preventative care purposes. Please contact our office with questions and concerns, or to ask about discounts on the products listed below.

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When it comes to supplements, Nutrilite® is different – and that’s a good thing. We were using plant ingredients in supplements before anyone else. Today, we’re the only brand to grow, harvest, and process plants on our own certified organic farms. By doing so, we capture phytonutrients, or nutrients from plants, at their peak.

So, when you take Nutrilite® supplements, you’re getting phytonutrients, which can help fill in for the fruits and vegetables you’re likely not eating enough of every day. Plus, Nutrilite® supplements are backed with a 180-day or your money back guarantee.  Give them a try, you’ll see the difference.

Our Recommended Products

 Visit My Shop to view available products. Call our office at 440-992-4477 for order information.

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Products that promote healthy living; visit

Protandim Product

Protandim is a product for patients that are healing from surgeries, or are older in age. The older you get, the body slows down its abilities to heal and recover as quickly as it could when the body was younger.

Axio Product

I fully endorse Axio products for all of my athletes. Axio is a natural product for both energy and endurance. This powerful combination of brain ergogenics delivers the anti-fatigue, balanced mood, keep your mind and your body going all day.

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